Ellen Happ Architect

Guest House Compound

This guest house and home office compound on an estate in rural Bucks County is arranged for work and play. The guest house and office structures are juxtaposed to create a courtyard enclosed with a low stone wall and an outdoor fireplace. The two separate structures are linked with a wooden pergola. One section of the pergola includes a deck accessed by sliding doors from the second floor of the guest house.

The office is a one-story, open and airy structure with clerestory windows on both sides. My client works there during the week, and on weekends the family can gather in the courtyard or play games on the lawn. The guest house is a renovation of an existing structure. Its kitchen opens directly to the courtyard and has a built-in banquette. New stairs lead to the sleeping loft, which overlooks the two-story living room.

The owners chose to reverse the trim and siding colors on the two buildings, and to use different roofing materials - one has slate, the other wood shingles. Even though the siding materials on the two buildings are also different, the composition is held together by the bold, simple shapes of the structures.

General Contractor: Brian Cahill

Photos: Taylor Meacham

Site Development & Engineering By Parlee Stumpf