Ellen Happ Architect

Doylestown Barn

My clients wanted to renovate a small 19th c. barn in the rear of their residential property in the historic district of Doylestown Borough into living space for their family, but the barn had no foundation and the bottom sills of the timber structure were rotting. Instead of renovating we decided to build a completely new structure the same size and shape as the original. We incorporated a large area of windows and a glass door on the front fa├žade, and designed a sliding barn door to conceal it from the street when the barn is not in use. The first floor is a living room with a kitchenette and fireplace. A winding stair leads to a mezzanine level open to the floor below. Wood reclaimed from the original barn is used as structural collar ties at the roof and as a decorative frame at the fireplace.

General Contractor: Jarrett Vaughan Builders

Interior Design: Lynn Hofer

Photos: Randl Bye Photography

Site Development & Engineering By Parlee Stumpf